Loongsoul 68

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Ok, I did something crazy… I bought another body for Kaylar. I don’t know why I didn’t find this option sooner before to buy the DF-h body (which I still likes very much but I had to buy it from China, and I try to avoid purchasing outside the European Union because our Customs are a nightmare and they gives me too much anxiety).

I doubted a lot about choosing Loongsoul normal yellow or pink… I prefer pink toned resins but the new LS pink seemed to be literally PINK, and I was afraid it wouldn’t match any of my heads so I chose the yellow one.

I hope this body looks good for Kaylar and not too big, because all +68 bodies I’ve had seemed too big for me to handle (not for the doll head). I’m more used to dolls under 65cm but I always imagined Kaylar character very tall, and he has to be taller than my other boys.

One interesting thing about this body is that it came with 5 different boy parts xD


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I think that my doll Samarel is the most “complicated” among my doll family. It took me years to find a body for him because one thing that I have clear about this character is that he needs to have tan skin.

After some failed attempts I decided to give a try to the Luts Senior65 (brown skin) body, and luckily it is much more beautiful than in the pictures. I was a bit worried because the truth is that I didn’t liked it too much in pictures, it looked too beefy, but Sarang face is wide so it looks good for him, and also the character has a strong but elegant body. And the best point is that is poses very well.

My only concern is that the neck is too short, shorter than luts senior body, which is odd… but I solved it using several silicone discs.

I also got new eyes for him, and finally I start to see him resemble what he should be. Another of his characteristics are his beautiful hazel green eyes, and this eyecos are perfect. Now I only need to find a better wig… because after so many tries I’m still not happy with this one (monique paris), it has too much hair, and I would like something a bit more natural, and maybe a bit more curly. Maybe I should make an alpaca wig for him.


Wishlist: bodies

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I always have troubles finding the perfect bodies for my dolls/character. For me the aesthetic is the most important but of course I also want a body which can pose decently. The main problem I see with most doll bodies, is that they look all too weird and unnatural, like if all of them went to the same plastic surgeon to get fake abs, chest and boobs.

I been thinking about one of these bodies for some of my floating heads:

  • DF-H 65, normal pink (this is a bit short for Kaylar, but it would also fit André)
  • DF-H 68, normal pink (this one would be perfect for Kaylar… if only there was an EU dealer for Dollfamily-H I would order both bodies)
  • Akagidoll 66cm ver.1 (I like the lanky look for Kaylar, the color probably would be too yellow, and I’m not sure about the torso pose-ability)
  • Spiritdoll proud (Maybe too beefy but spiritdoll bodies pose very well, although the color is too yellow)
  • Doll-Leaves 70 (not sure about this one, the neck seems too thin but it might be an option for Kaylar)

I’m still trying to decide if ordering one DF-h body now from Alice’s collection (that they have an event) or if I will regret it once it arrives and the Customs fees and paperwork kill me.

Edit: yes, I did it. I order DF-H 65 body. I’ve been wanting it for years… so it is time to get it, even If I will regret it when it arrives to EU Customs.

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