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Hi! I want to talk a little about my new doll head, and about his character. His name is Kaylar, although no one pronounces it now since he is a renegade. People calls him “Blood”, which it is hurtful for … Read More


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I did this to remind myself that I need to buy new eyes (as soon as I can save some money). I’m still not sure if I will like silicone eyes but I want something more realistic for my boys … Read More

Nube for adoption

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Nube is an original Blythe (Takara Goody Girl Go Go) custom by me Custom: – carving: nose, chin, philtrum & lips – SBL eyemech (it is cream color instead of white, and the eyelid plastic is flesh color instead of … Read More

new doll Kai

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Kai heads arrived on December 14th after a very long wait and some headaches with the Customs and the Spanish post… but it worth the wait and I’m so happy to have this doll “finished”. This character has been many … Read More

the new André

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It is weird how sometimes we imagine our dolls as “living” characters, because if they have a past, they have also a present and a future, and they develop as characters and somehow they must grow up. This is sometimes … Read More

FS: clothes SD/SD13

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SD size (boy/girl) clothes – yellow hoodie (sunny world) – 8€ – stripped hoodie (from etsy, handmade) – 5€ – white leggings (tata) – 3€ – girl uniform (unknown) – 8€ -black lolita shirt (unkown) – 6€ – transparent shirt … Read More

FS: Diorama by Keera

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  Diorama por Nerea Pozo / Keera (size Lati Yellow, irrealdoll, etc) Precio: 250€ + shipping (only to EU because it is delicate) Details: includes all original accesories and it is in good conditions except that for the windows that … Read More

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