custom made clothes for Zoe

Zoe (new sweater!)

I can’t play with my dolls until I finish all the pending work that I have, which is a LOT, and I should have all done by April :_D *hysterical laugh*¬†Anyway, I took this photo because Zoe deserved some attention, this punk with messy hair got recently a gorgeous custom made sweater by my talented friend Fatima (aka H.doll). She also has an etsy shop where you can check prices but keep in mind that she can made custom style so better ask her directly.

Zoe has a very defined style, he (or she sometimes) likes comfy but stylish clothes, mostly in black with some touch of white or cyan. I did this collage with polyvore but it is not easy to find these for dolls. I have lot of ideas for Zoe but any for his brother Trap (my DIM Annabeth), apart that he dress in white mostly and that is a color that I don’t like too much UxD



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