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This guy has been giving me headache for more than a year. Jinnai was one of my fav characters, then I had the idea of sculpting his head and I “lost” him in the process (well, he was lost already since the last time I decided to change his head).

Now that the new batch of Seven is here and I’m keeping one head for myself, I gave this boy a new opportunity and a change of look from his usual reddish lips and wine colour hair. I found the problem that his previous body doesn’t match anymore and I need to find a substitute for the volks graffiti body, something similar but less yellow and maybe with a thinner neck. Maybe the new Switch 60cm body? it is very nice (and very expensive too :_D). He is on an old dot body in the picture, the match is perfect but he is too tall.

Jinnai (new look?)

I will take more photos when I have the time because I have too many things to do and work go first. I’m doing faceups now (mostly Seven heads from the previous preorder), although I haven’t finished Momo and I should had finished it and Jelle┬áthis week -_-;;


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