AprilStory senior boy13

I received my body today! It was shipped within 7 days after my payment (fastest order ever), and it has arrived very well wrapped in bubble plastic, and with the hands de-attached for safety. It also comes with extra string and hooks, nice detail! I’m really impressed by the presentation and the quality of the resin seems nice.

Unluckily it is not the style I was looking for Jinnai, it is 1cm taller than expected and his shoulders are very broad for this character, although the thin waist is perfect.

Now the review of the body (with Jinnai, my LittleRebel Seven head):

Overall the body is nice for the event price it had (not counting with the plus of EU Custom fees…). The sculpture is detailed and beautiful, the seam lines are visible but they are ok, the neck looks thin in the front but wider at the profile.

The only thing that I dislike about the body are the legs. As you can see in the pictures, the legs have that feeling of “faun legs”. The leg part doesn’t keep totally in place with the thigh part and it increases the feeling that the shape very curved. And when you want to pose the legs in other angles it gets even worse (you can only move the leg, the ball of the thigh can’t rotate). Despite of the odd style of his legs, he can stands very well, and when the knees are bent they look nice. I think this body looks much better with the pants on.


The feet are ugly in my opinion, those toes are so long and the small toe is so short… but that is the only part of the sculpture that I dislike. The rest of the anatomy is beautiful.

When he is sitting you can also see that the legs are not totally in place and that they have an exaggerated curved shape.

The torso is very nice and poses well and naturally, and the arms too with his double-joints, although the elbows tend to bend all the time (*I solved that with silicone discs on shoulders and elbows).


Comparison: Luts Senior (62cm) / AprilStory boy13 (63cm) / Dollfactory senior-ari (65cm)



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