Playing with dolls

Hi guys! things are getting better and I’m less stressed now. I almost had a heart attack two weeks ago when I discover that the parcel with my original dolls were sent to Japan instead of to China by a mistake of my post office… but it was happily solved and the dolls (Momo and Jelle) arrived safe to their destiny.

I have some bad news: I’m out of the Ldoll Festival this year since all the professional stands are already booked, ;_; I thought that I would had plenty time until August to book my booth together with my friend Laura from Irrealdoll… but now the two of us won’t be able to attend the event this year (at least not as exhibitors). It is so sad, I was planing to release Momo at the Ldoll.

Well, at least I will attend to the Dolls&Party at Barcelona, July 5th 2014. I hope to see you there!

Eis <3

And now a bit of doll love, I think my geek boy Eis is shinier every day ;P (it helps that the got a new faceup, new wig and new clothes). I commissioned my friend Holic from Hdoll to make this super cool “space invaders” inspired sweater specially for Eis. We are almost in summer here with 30~40º degrees… I’m sorry Eis, you will wear winter clothes for a while xD

And talking about the sunny weather… I have sun allergy! if I get exposed to sun (even just for a a minute), my skin get red and it itches painfully T_T My skin is becoming crazy, first the allergy to the thinner and now to the sun.


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