Don’t be my Valentine

Hi! today I wanted to share a bit of the background of my dolls’ stories and relationships. I always have them in mind although I’m totally useless to take photos for photo-stories, and anyway, the story is part of a novel I’m writing (in my mind for now) and I wouldn’t know how to show it in pictures.

These two are my favorite dolls and characters… it is obvious that I always take photos of them before than of the others T^T I saw all those lovely pictures of doll couples for Saint Valentine’s day and I wanted to take some “love” photos too.


Eis & Gabriel

These two are not really a couple… not by now at least.

They both are distrustful and lonely, but while Eis have a kind personality (although he tries to hide it), Gabriel is cold and he is no good expressing his emotions.

Gabriel claims that he is only looking for some “comfort” (although he really have feelings for Eis in his own awkward way, and he is unable to express them). And Eis always falls in love with people who doesn’t love him back, and he has lost all hopes to find the love; Gabriel is just a friend, and a weird friend… but Eis feels very lonely and it is better to sleep with somebody that you don’t love, that to be forever alone. So they are in that kind of relationship by now.


Eis & Gabriel


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