welcome September

August has been a busy month: I’ve finished 2 new sculptures, I’ve shipped all the dolls from the last preorder, and I’ve organized my doll collection and put for sale some of them to have cash to purchase some doll bodies that I need (not the ones that I would really wanted but with our abusive Customs fees, I can only purchase second hand dolls inside the EU by now).

I would like to start taking photos of my dolls again, not only portraits but realistic photos and photo stories maybe. I find it sooo difficult and frustrating. Little by little…

another Sunday


Amadeo is ready to start the school! He is finally complete, with the perfect body, make-up, wig and eyes… I love him! he has that lordly expression on his face that I always imagined. You don’t know if you want to kiss him or punching him on the face.

the school prince

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