BJD for sale (misc)

* Shipping cost are not included. Ask me for a quote depending of your country.
* My DoA feedback
* Contact me on DoA or leave a comment here and I will reply you by email.
* I can accept 1 month layaway.
* I accept bank wire payments and paypal friend payments (for paypal normal payment I might charge pp fees).

All payment in Euros. I'm not interested in trades at the moment.


5stardoll Aiden head (grey skin) – 40€

Aiden head, never painted.
One of the horns have a white mark, like from glue. Not sure what it is, it arrived like that from 5stardoll.

Link to Doa sale


Michell by Natalii White – 200€

Included: Doll with make-up in her original bag. MAde in 2015

This is an artist cast dolls made by Natalii White. The joints are hot-glued by the artist and I would include a wig, eyes and clothes also made by her (wig and eyes are not the ones from the pictures).

Damage: a small piece in her arm was broken and I glued it back. The arms are a bit delicate and it might fall again with the use.

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  1. Claire Chang says:

    Aiden! Love him so much! Can he be shipped to Asia(Taiwan)?

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