BJD for sale (misc)

* Shipping cost are not included.
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* I can accept layaway if it is less than a month.

Leeke Mihael head – $150

(2007??), normal skin.
I bought the head directly from Leeke, and I modified it (eyes, lips, nose, jawline… everything). The faceup was done by me.


5stardoll Aiden with batboy body (grey skin) – negotiable

*no fees for paypal personal payments or bank transfer*

I’m the first owner and it is in very good conditions although keep in mind that it is not new, and it is in used conditions.

This doll is limited and discontinued from 5stardolls.

I bougth the head and body separately because I wanted my Aiden with batboy body. I also purchased an extra head because my Aiden have a small scratch in one cheek but it is not noticeable with the faceup so in the end I never remplaced it.The clothes are from Ttya, amors, and Tata, and the pijama is from Claire (it is not really for bjd but it looks very cute). High quality Albino red glass eyes are also included.

The black blushing from the claw hand has a small chip.

Luts Jude Senior, brown skin – $450

Made in 2013. Head painted by me. no modifications, no noticeable yellowing.

I will include glass eyes and a black fur wig as a gift.

Damage: it has a scratch on the head cap, and some dark staints in the forehead (in the upper part). They are not noticeable with the wig but I can take pictures of them if you want.

Michell by Natalii White – $245

Included: Doll with make-up in her original bag. MAde in 2015

This is an artist cast dolls made by Natalii White. The joints are hot-glued by the artist and I would include a wig, eyes and clothes also made by her (wig and eyes are not the ones from the pictures).

Damage: a small piece in her arm was broken and I glued it back. The arms are a bit delicate and it might fall again with the use.










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