the new André

It is weird how sometimes we imagine our dolls as “living” characters, because if they have a past, they have also a present and a future, and they develop as characters and somehow they must grow up. This is sometimes a problem because at some point I need to change their doll for a more mature version (also because my aesthetic preferences about dolls changes, of course), and if you change one you realize you have to change most of them so they keep in line.

André is one of the heads that I made that I like the most but for some reason I was never really happy about how he looks as the character he was supposed to be. Maybe because he was still a silly teenager and the head is more realistic. I’ve been without doing faceups for a long long time, and I wanted to try a bit different style this time, and I really liked the results even if it was just an experiment. I saw this new André much more mature and I realized that he must have grown, and I started to think about his story and what could have happened to him to have this drastic change.

He is starting college now (Architecture) and he is not a kid anymore. His childhood friend and boyfriend Amadeo broke up with him just before graduation, probably it was a very tough decission for him too, but they have been always together and it was time for them to split up and find for themselves their own path in life, and maybe when they have experienced life separately they could find out if they should come back together, or remain just as old friends.

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