new doll Kai

Kai heads arrived on December 14th after a very long wait and some headaches with the Customs and the Spanish post… but it worth the wait and I’m so happy to have this doll “finished”. This character has been many different dolls for years and I’ve decided that he deserves a new fresh start to avoid the same mistakes. So he is going to be just Kai, although he will keep some characteristics from the previous character (Jinnai).

Despite having fangs, he is not a vampire, It is just appearance. He likes to be a sexy bastard and intimidate people, and also to keep them at distance. He is like a drag-queen, he puts his make-up and his gothic androgynous clothes and he transforms into a pretty egocentric monster who can beat anyone and have success in any situation. Under all of that appearance and fake smiles, Kai is a mess, he is shy, despises himself, has no friends, and he has been unable to maintain a real personal relationship with anyone in his 27 years.



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