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I’ve been disconnected from the hobby for some time and I’ve missed lot of new brands and also the end of some old brands T_T (so sad!! I can’t believe that DoD or Dollfactory doesn’t exist anymore).

The thing is that I’ve been looking for a new body for my Sarang head (aka Samariel). He is on the Luts Senior type1 body, and although I really like that body, it is too muscular and it’s shoulders too narrow to fit with the character. Sarang head is quite big and he looks better on 65~70cm bodies but I don’t want him to be bigger than Sasha so I have a problem here. I thought about trying the Luts SD65 body but it is too muscular and the torso is too wide, and Samariel needs something more slim and elegant. Then I found two possibilities: Loongsould B-B62-02 and Myou 62cm body, ok, three if we count the Dollfamily-H 65 boy body which is my favourite but there isn’t any EU dealer (and for my mental health I’m not purchasing things outside the EU if I can avoid that). The biggest problem is of course the resin color because Samariel is brown skin (and a custom color) and I couldn’t find any useful comparison of these brands tan skins anywhere… I’m mostly sure that loongsoul and dollfamily tan skin are environmental resin in an orange tone and that they won’t match because Samariel is made of opaque resin, so I took the risk and I’ve purchased Myoudoll body in coffee skin. Probably it is going to be too pale although LittleRebel brown resin is paler than it seems, but I plan to give him some tattoos.

I really liked more the loongsould body sculpture (it is more realistic and well made) but I’m not very fan of the translucent resins, and Angelesque didn’t have those bodies in their shop yet nor the loongsoul discount event, so Myoudoll won this time because Dollsquare is currently selling this brand and there is a Christmas event discount. Both are UK dealers, and both are wonderful, so I always purchase my dolls there if I can.


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