Review: DT17 & IOS70

Hi! I wanted to make a small review of these two gorgeous doll bodies: Dollstown 17 years and IOS new 70cm body. Both sculptures are beautiful and detailed, and both have pros and cons.


  • Dollstown 17yrs: height: 69cm | weight 1600gr. aprox.
  • IOS new 70: height: 66cm | weight -*I will edit this later

Both can stand without much problem. IOS body is very easy to handle because it is very light compared with other dolls of the same size; on the contrary, DT is very very heavy (that is something good and bad at the same time. Nice quality resin but difficult to handle if you are a small -and not very strong- person like me XD)


One of the weak point both bodies is the torso mobility. It is hard to move it and you have to put it “out of place”. DT torso mobility is a bit better but difficult if it is strung very tight.

Another important thing to me is the arm mobility since it is important that the doll can touch his face. DT can bend his elbow a bit more than IOS (because the joint in this last is not really double). *btw, these are not the default IOS hands, they were too big and I put a Luts senior hands because it is easier to dress him that way.

I haven’t took photos of the legs pose-ability because I hadn’t enough space for that but here I have to say that I prefer the IOS because he has an extra joint in the tight, and his legs are easier to pose. DT knees can bend more than IOS but they are also less stable . DT legs are more beautiful and detailed while IOS legs are more functional. Both can do some yoga poses if you have patience xD


The models in the pictures are LittleRebel Aleksander (aka Sasha), and Sarang (waiting for a new faceup).


Feel free to ask me in the comments if you have any doubt or if you want to tell me anything :)


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