Sasha was walking by the centre of Berlin when a man stopped him and asked him if he was a model, or if he would be interested in modelling for him. He of course refused the offer, not trusting it. The man didn’t seem to be the typical scout, he was even taller than him and quite handsome. Sasha thought that the man was just trying to flirt with him, and decided to ignore it

Later he realized that the man who asked him about modelling was not a scout but a famous fashion photographer. Then he started to consider it, not because he was interested in a modelling career or in money but because he wanted to do something by himself.

Sasha is quite tall, about 195cm, and has that particular face features that makes him looks manly and androgynous at the same time. Many people said that he looks like an angel, beautiful and imposing. Others think that he has a weird face… and Sasha is easily offended if you call him ugly.

So that is how this very tall Russian boy who studies in Berlin started modelling. He has a lot of confidence in his body and he is not afraid to show it. Despite of that, he is a quite reserved person and it is not the kind of person who makes real friends. He likes to live alone and to be alone, and freedom is the most important thing for him.




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