Kaylar : Blood


Kaylar was a young soldier (young among their own who are immortals) but quite agile with swords and with a calm personality that contrasted with his youth. His quiet elegance in battle and his beautiful features caught the attention of the army commander, Samarel. Kaylar’s clan ‘sor-Ahnjar’ were famous for being the best hunters: sharp gaze, quick and deadly; you never know they are there until is too late, so it was not surprising that they also made good assassins, and had their place in the army when it was necessary.

Their world was an eden but it was not safe of dangers. As a window to all the other planes, it was their duty to watch other worlds and to intervene when necessary. The veil was a portal that worked in both directions until they suffered an attack which almost ended with all their kind, and then the Queen decided to rip off their part of the veil (a decision who divided most of the clans). Now the Veil only works in one direction, they still can travel to anywhere but they couldn’t get back. There are only two reasons for what they would cross the veil: because of duty to protect another world if utterly necessary, or because exile.

Kaylar’s clan was exiled for treason, although they all already crossed the veil before of that, and disappeared.

Now Kaylar lives in the exile, and his name is forbidden. The few people who knows him calls him Blood. He is a mercenary although it is not clear where his real loyalties are.

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