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my last purchases

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After a lot if time my Sarang (Samarel) finally have a body. I bought a Luts Senior65 in brown skin and it is much more beautiful than in the pictures and it poses wonderfully. I was a bit worried because I didn’t liked it too much in pictures, it looked too beefy, but Sarang face is wide so it looks good for him. My only concern is that the neck is short, shorter than luts senior body, which is a bit odd… but I solved it using several silicone discs.

I’m a bit frustrated with the hobby since my last purchases has been a big let down. The Popodoll body I bought for Kaylar had a defective ankle and the seller never told me about that. I tried to bought a new piece but never got a reply from the company. Also I bought an artists head to make a Kylo Ren doll but the casting is not professional and it is much rougher than it seemed in the official pictures (that didn’t showed any defects at all and were never mentioned either), and I’m not in the mood to spend hours sanding it to make the surface smooth enough for painting it.

I’m just tired to keep trying to enjoy this hobby.

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