choosing a body for Kai

I’m a bit picky about doll bodies and I have a hard time trying to find the perfect bodies for my dolls/characters. I really don’t mind that the color match is not perfect but there are some things that are necessary for me on a doll body:

  1. the sculpture has to be beautiful and looks natural… (most dolls have too much weird muscles T_T)
  2. It has to stand up and sits well, that is basic.
  3. The torso has to bend naturally.
  4. Double jointed elbows and the doll has to be able to touch his face.

Said that, I almost never find a body that has all the 4 things together…

These four bodies for example:

  • Luts Senior-4: the best pose-ability, but too much muscle (although the sculpture is beautiful).
  • Volks grafitti: the most beautiful and natural looking body but the torso doesn’t bend too much and the elbows are hard to pose.
  • Custom House: pose-abily is quite decent (this is the oldest body I have). The muscles are a too defined.
  • Myoudoll 62: (I sanded off most of the muscles because they were too weird). The torso pose-abilty is also very weird, he can move a lot but it looks ugly without clothes.

pd: I don’t know why in the picture the CustomHouse body looks so pink, because it is probably the most yellowed of all of them ._.

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