Loongsoul 68

Ok, I did something crazy… I bought another body for Kaylar. I don’t know why I didn’t find this option sooner before to buy the DF-h body (which I still likes very much but I had to buy it from China, and I try to avoid purchasing outside the European Union because our Customs are a nightmare and they gives me too much anxiety).

I doubted a lot about choosing Loongsoul normal yellow or pink… I prefer pink toned resins but the new LS pink seemed to be literally PINK, and I was afraid it wouldn’t match any of my heads so I chose the yellow one.

I hope this body looks good for Kaylar and not too big, because all +68 bodies I’ve had seemed too big for me to handle (not for the doll head). I’m more used to dolls under 65cm but I always imagined Kaylar character very tall, and he has to be taller than my other boys.

One interesting thing about this body is that it came with 5 different boy parts xD

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