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Loongsoul 68

Ok, I did something crazy… I bought another body for Kaylar. I don’t know why I didn’t find this option sooner before to buy the DF-h body (which I still likes very much but...



I think that my doll Samarel is the most “complicated” among my doll family. It took me years to find a body for him because one thing that I have clear about this character...


Wishlist: bodies

I always have troubles finding the perfect bodies for my dolls/character. For me the aesthetic is the most important but of course I also want a body which can pose decently. The main problem...


FS: eyes

Price is foe each pair. Feel free to ask me for more info or pictures. Shipping not included. I would ship them in an envelop with bubbles by registered mail with tracking number (unless...


BJD for sale (misc)

* Shipping cost are not included. Ask me for a quote depending of your country. * My DoA feedback * Contact me on DoA or leave a comment here and I will reply you...


choosing a body for Kai

I’m a bit picky about doll bodies and I have a hard time trying to find the perfect bodies for my dolls/characters. I really don’t mind that the color match is not perfect but...


Kaylar : Blood

  Kaylar was a young soldier (young among their own who are immortals) but quite agile with swords and with a calm personality that contrasted with his youth. His quiet elegance in battle and...


deadly dance

Samarel is an exotic beauty. He could be probably one the most beautiful man on Earth if it was not for his serious personality (and for the fact that he is not human). He...



Sasha was walking by the centre of Berlin when a man stopped him and asked him if he was a model, or if he would be interested in modelling for him. He of course...


FS: wigs

SD Fur wigs – 5€ each 2, 6 & 7 SOLD Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar Guardar