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FS: wigs & eyes

SD Fur wigs 2, 6 & 7 SOLD     GLASS EYES -18mm – Quality china blue eyes – 8€ -18mm – Volks Cobalt eyes (from Heath?) – 15€ -18mm – Volks yellow/gold eyes...


BJD for sale (misc)

* Shipping cost are not included. * My DoA feedback * Contact me on DoA or leave a comment here and I will reply you by email. * I can accept layaway if it...


FS: Diorama by Keera

  Diorama por Nerea Pozo / Keera (size Lati Yellow, irrealdoll, etc) Precio: 250€ + shipping (only to EU because it is delicate) Details: includes all original accesories and it is in good conditions...