my last purchases

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After a lot if time my Sarang (Samarel) finally have a body. I bought a Luts Senior65 in brown skin and it is much more beautiful than in the pictures and it poses wonderfully. I was a bit worried because … Read More

Kaylar : Blood

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  Kaylar was a young soldier (young among their own who are immortals) but quite agile with swords and with a calm personality that contrasted with his youth. His quiet elegance in battle and his beautiful features caught the attention … Read More

deadly dance

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Samarel is an exotic beauty. He could be probably one the most beautiful man on Earth if it was not for his serious personality (and for the fact that he is not human, of course). He never smiles since his … Read More


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Sasha was walking by the centre of Berlin when a man stopped him and asked him if he was a model, or if he would be interested in modelling for him. He of course refused the offer, not trusting it. … Read More


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Hi! I want to talk a little about my new doll head, and about his character. His name is Kaylar, although no one pronounces it now since he is a renegade. People calls him “Blood”, which it is hurtful for … Read More

new doll Kai

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Kai heads arrived on December 14th after a very long wait and some headaches with the Customs and the Spanish post… but it worth the wait and I’m so happy to have this doll “finished”. This character has been many … Read More

the new André

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It is weird how sometimes we imagine our dolls as “living” characters, because if they have a past, they have also a present and a future, and they develop as characters and somehow they must grow up. This is sometimes … Read More

la fantastica Orion

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Por fin puedo enseñaros a esta pequeña!! Me llego el día 1 de Diciembre y fue toda una sorpresa, vamos tal sorpresa que casi me da un infarto porque fue un regalo inesperado de Jin!! Habíamos quedado en hacer una … Read More

Tenten is here!

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After a very long wait  (the production was delayed more than a month; the parcel has been stuck in the Spanish Customs for a while; and after that the postman has been lazy…), finally I’ve received the parcel from the … Read More