My BJD collection

These dolls are “BJD” (Ball-jointed dolls). They are customizable collection dolls made of resin. If you want more info about this kind of dolls, visit DoA wiki.
I’m a doll artist and most of my doll heads and some tiny dolls are made by me (LittleRebel) but I’m also a BJD collector since 2003. This is my personal blog, please don’t use my pictures without my permission.



LR Tenten + Spiritdoll elegance boy body

Erik | nickname: Eis | age twenty-something | 176cm

He never knew his family and for some reason people seems to avoid him, or maybe it was himself who avoided other people. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him and he is lonely and confused.

Now he is working for Seraph. He tries to seems distant and ironic to compensate his baby face but no one takes him seriously anyway. He lost all hope long time ago and he just try to make sense about his own existence.



Switch Yiho + Luts Senior type4

Mihail Grygorovych | nickname: Gabriel, Miki | 175cm

Gabriel is extremely intelligent but socially awkward. He never goes out if it is not strictly necessary because he suffers agoraphobia and he is also afraid of darkness. He have nightmares, and sometimes a shadow talks to him (he is not paranoid).

He hates everybody except Eis, and that confuses him because he doesn’t know how to handle feelings.



LR Svein + DZ B60-005

age unknown | 180cm

Seraph has a pretty face and an awful personality. He is cold, cynic, and impatient, and you wouldn’t like to make him angry. He is always frustrated and doesn’t trust anybody.



LR Sarang (in search for a body)

age unknown | 186cm

He is a mysterious and prideful man that collaborates with Seraph but it is clear that they are not friends, and their relationship is strained. He is intelligent and a strategist, and he was a commander of the queen’s army.

He rarely smiles since his beloved one (Kaylar) betrayed him, and his serious personality contrast with his exotic beauty.



LR Kaylar + Luts SSDF

Kaylar | nickname: Blood | age unknown | 200cm

He is Seraph’s bodyguard, more or less… he is a mercenary but his true intentions are not clear. He is dangerous and Seraph prefers to have him as an ally.

His real name is Kaylar but since he was exiled for treason, no one can pronounce his name again and people call him Blood. He had to chose between duty to his clan and love, and his heart is broken since then. He still loves Samarel and nothing can replace that sorrow.



LR Kai + Volks SDgr

Kai Brett (nickname: Jinnai) | age 27 | 178cm | from Japan

Born in Hiroshima from a Japanese mother and an English father. He studied psychology and he likes to to analyse people, and can be cruel sometimes.

He is androgynous and non-binary (he refers to himself as a man but he doesn’t mind either if people mistaken him for a woman). Likes to wear makeup and gothic women clothes.



LR Aleksander + IOS 70

Aleksander Belyavskiy | age 22 | 196cm | from Russia

Sasha is studying economics at College in Berlin but currently he is more focused in his career as a model. He is cold and doesn’t make friends easily, not true friends at least. Also he is the kind of person who likes to be alone, live alone, and have his own space.



LR Jelle + Myoudoll body

Amadeo von Abensberg-Strozzi | from Austria

A young lord from an aristocratic family. He is very self confident, diligent, and more mature than he looks. He is always kind although a bit distant and seems a bit serious… that is if you don’t really know him. With friends he is much more relaxed and mischievous.



LR André + CustomHouse

André de Montbeliard | from Belgium (Belgium father, Russian mother)

Architecture student. He played football in school but now he is not in the mood for sports and spend most of the time drawing or listening music. He and Amadeo were best friends and a couple, and now that they have broken up, he is a bit lost.

He has a twin brother called Dorian.

46~16cm dolls



MerryDollRound Pruna



Irrealdoll Ino


Irreadoll Ery



LittleRebel Maya



DIM Larina + DZ b45-009 body



DIM Larina + DZ b45-009 body



5Stardolls Aiden



LittleRebel Momo