I love to design styles for my dolls/characters although I actually don’t bought them many clothes or take photos of them ^^;; but anyway it’s fun to imagine what they would usually wear. I did them using polyvore

  1. Jinnai: he is one of the most fashionable of my characters. He is not exactly gothic, nor visual-kei either… but he do like to use skirts and women clothes most of the time, and dark make-up. I tried to organize his clothes from more elegant (for shows or parties) to a more daily style.

2. Ryuu: a doll that I no longer own, but his style was one of my favourites. Always looking shy and melancholic, in that punk bohemian artist style.

3. Satsuki: he is a very girly boy. He loves cute things and pastel colors.


4. Nini: He is Finnish, albino and almost blind. He mostly wear black tshirts and jeans, that is always a good combo.

5. Karyu: ok, he is really the most fashionable of my characters. He is an idol, so he spend a lot on clothes and accessories, and he is always stylish and perfect.

6. Eis: dark and comfortable clothes. Always. No sense of style at all.

7. Acid: (this one for the first ver. of the character) his fashion style is dark and acid, like his sense of humor.

8. Kalm: when he goes out at night he looks like a colorful crazy boy from the space, and during daylight he is a normal teenager with bad taste for fluorescent colors.